International Journal of Management and Administrative Sciences

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Vol 3, No 10, 2016


Implementation of Deradicalization Policy for Terrorism Prisoners: An Indonesian Experience p[.01-30]

Sutrimo, Agus Suryono, Tjahjanulin Domai & Andy Fefta Wijaya


Forms of Violence on Women Workers at Indonesia’s Shoe Factory: A Sociological Perspective p[.31-39]

Sanggam Magda Lasmaria Siahaan


Strategic Management in the Development of Tuban Tourism Sector: A Study in Office of Economy and Tourism of Tuban Regency, Indonesia p[.40-46]

Coristya Berlian Ramadana, Sumartono, Imam Hanafi


Simulation Of Household Economic Policy To Improve Small-Scale Fisherman’s Income, Using Rural Rice-Fish Development Program In Donggala, Indonesia p[.47-56]

Ahsan Mardjudo, Djoko Koestiono, M. Muslich Mustadjab & Nuhfil Hanani 


The Promotion of Structural Position: A Paradox of Centralization/Decentralization of Public Personnel Management in Indonesia p[.57-64]



The Effect of the Quality of Human Resources and Management of Information System on the Quality of Public Service: Study on e-ID Public Service in Indonesia p[.65-72]

Galih Widhi Kurniawan, Bambang Santoso Haryono, Firda Hidayati


Rail-Based Ticketing System (RTS): A Public Service Reformation to Improve the Railways System in Indonesia p[.73-82]

Anisa Kurniatul Azizah, Soesilo Zauhar & Andy Fefta Wijaya


Influence of Corporate Governance and Ownership Structure towards Capital Structure, Intellectual Capital Disclosure, Cost of Capital and Corporate Performance: A Study in Fortune Indonesia Magazine Top 100 Companies listed in Indonesian Stock Exchange p[.83-97]

Sadeli, Suhadak, Mochammad Dzulkirom & Sri Mangesti Rahayu


The Effect of Knowledge and Experience on Professional Auditor’s Judgment: Study on State Auditor in Indonesia p[.98-106]

Mursalim Sila, Bambang Subroto, Zaki Baridwan & Aulia Fuad Rahman


TPB and Employees’ Intention to Support Organizational Change through the Adoption of E-Ticketing: A Survey of Employees of Private Bus Lines in Malang-Indonesia p[.107-121]

Wilopo, Mohammad Iqbal & Arwin Sanjaya

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